We designate commentaries as "secondary documentation" or "B documents". Commentaries cover a wide diversity of materials, but broadly divided they consist of:
 1. Abhidamma piṭaka
 2. Pali commentaries on canonical texts (Pali. aṭṭhakathā) 
 3. Avadana (Ch. benyuanbu; section in the Chinese translation of the Canon)
The Abhidamma Piṭaka contains very little of the material used in this research project and so I will not go into it in any great detail here. The main aṭṭhakathā and Avadana works are listed below. There are in addition historical studies produced in later times and works written in China; if occasion arises I will refer to them at the time, rather than here. 

 a. Works written in Pali (aṭṭhakathā)

Samantapāsādikā (V-A.) 
Sumaṅgalavilāsinī (DN-A.) 
Papañcasūdanī (MN-A.) 
Sāratthappakāsinī (SN-A.) 
Manorathapūraṇī (AN-A.) 
Paramatthajotikā (Khp-A.) 
Dhammapada-aṭṭhakathā (Dhp-A.) 
Paramatthadīpanī (Ud-A.)
Paramatthadīpanī (It-A.) 
Paramatthajotikā (Sn-A.) 
Jātaka-aṭṭhakathā (J-A.) 
Paramatthadīpanī (Thag-A.) 
Paramatthadīpanī (Thīg-A.) 
Paramatthadīpanī (Vv-A.) 
Paramatthadīpanī (Pv-A.) 
Saddhammapajjotikā (Nd-A.) 
Saddhammapakāsinī (Pṭm-A.) 
Visuddhajanavilāsinī (Ap-A.) 
Madhuratthavilāsinī (Bv-A.) 
Paramatthadīpanī (Cp-A.) 

 b. Works in Chinese translation

Shanjianlü piposha (Vibhāṣā [commentary] on the Vinaya) 
Pinimujing (commentary on the Vinaya) 
Faju piyujing (commentary on the Dhammapada) 
Chuyaojing (commentary on the Dhammapada)

[2] Avadana
 1. Biographies of the Buddha (see Introductory Notes to Monograph 3)
 2. Allegorical scriptures (omitted here)